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Dowladda Guinea oo Raali gelin Ka bixisay Gafkii ay u geysatay midnimada Soomaaliya

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Afhayeen u hadlay wasaaradda arimaha dibadda ee Guinea ayaa raali galin buuxda siiyay dowladda Somalia iyo miidowgga africa kadib markii dowladda Somalia ay saartay cadaadis siyaasadeed xariirka dib-lumaasininanna ku jartay Guinean oo maalin ka hor hab maamuus madaxweyne u soo dhaweysay madaxweyna Somaliland Muuse bixi.

Hoos ka aqriso warsaxaafadeedka.

PR Foreign Office

The government of Guinea Apologised to Federal Somali Government, and AU Commision over the controversial Visit of so called President of Self-Declared state of Somaliland. Spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs said ” We welcomed Muse Bixi as a Somali Leader, which we assumed both of federal Somali Government and Somaliland Adminstration are in a same page.

Moreover, we (as a State of Republic of Guinea), unreservedly regretted the decision as tension erupted through the whole African Continent, and beyond. Particularly, within our beloved AU member states.

Spokesman added His statement ( The government of Guinea stands firm position towards unity and territorial integrity of Somalia, and we fully recognised the mandate of the people of Somalia lies with the Federal government based in Mogadishu. We hope this incident will give us a lesson about silly mistake that led us to welcome Mr Biixi as head of State. We lacked a good information over the decision of the leader of Somaliland Adminstration institution), and that led us to believe that the whole Somali administrations and central government are in good relation. Unfortunately, that turned opposite of what we assumed. We will take full responsibility of the pain and frustration that caused, and we are guaranting to our brothers in Federal Somali Government, this will never happen again.

Meanwhile, the AU wrote a letter to the Republic of Guinea, and demanded a full explanation of the decision that led for inviting one of the Somali regional leaders as full State Credential. Konackry Adminstration muted about the request that came from tithe commission. Several countries, including current Head country (Egypt), of the Commission showed unease about the reason behind the whole story.



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