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What is the relationship between #Messi and Maradona? #WORLDCUP #Worldcup

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Las night Diego Maradona was repeatedly shown on television during Argentina’s victory against Nigeria at the St Petersburg Stadium. Photograph: Sergio Perez/Reuters



But lately Diego Maradona denied heart attack rumours, says scare was sparked by ‘White Wine’

The ESPN FC crew breaks down Argentina’s 2-1 win over Nigeria at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, in which Lionel Messi scored and Marcos Rojo saved the Albiceleste’s campaign with a late goal.



The Year 2014 Brazil


Messi world cup 2014

“Now you’re going to see, the World Cup Messi’s gonna bring, Maradona is much greater than Pele”.  Brasil, decime qué se siente (Brazil, tell me how it feels) was the song on the lips of tens of thousands of Argentina fans that streamed over the border for a glimpse of their heroes in the World Cup held in neighboring Brazil. Messi came perilously close to fulfilling the prophecy chanted to the tune of Credence Clear water Revival’s Bad Moon Rising, but it was so near, yet so far in the end for the captain and his Albiceleste team-mates.

Messi’ third tournament running, Die Mannschaft had the measure of their frustrated opponents. Messi once again failed to hit the target and could only look at the trophy from afar after Mario Gotze’s extra-time strike decided matters in the Maracana. The Golden Ball award for best player was scant consolation for a player who had given everything to take the big prize home to Argentina.

Incredibly, after three World Cups Messi is still waiting for his first knockout goal. Will 2018 prove fourth time lucky for both him and his nation?

The year 2010 Messi revealed close ties with Diogo  Maradona.

Messi at 23 and swiftly established himself as one of the finest players in the history of world football, South Africa 2010 was the first international tournament to feature the Argentine as one of its biggest stars. What’s more, Leo had teamed up with none other than his predecessor at No.10, Diego Maradona, the 1986 World Cup winner providing a chaotic but admittedly entertaining presence on the sidelines as Argentina coach.

the year 2010 Some critics have questioned whether Maradona was  capable of getting the best out of Messi, afterbut the 23-year-old told CNN’s Pedro Pinto that the two have a close relationship.


Although some people believe ”Messi is very introverted whereas Maradona is exactly the opposite. You just need to see how he hung out with Castro, smoking cigars with him as if he was a statesman. Messi, on the other hand, would have never exposed himself to such an scenario.

Now, as for their relationship. Messi, like any other Argentinian who likes soccer, grew worshiping Maradona. He just dreamed on being like him, but as soon as this was becoming a reality, Maradona’s reaction wasn’t good. He had always been quick in naming successors, Aimar, Ariel Ortega, Tevez…good players but clearly lesser players than El Diego, they couldn’t possibly threathen his place in the throne. Yet with Messi, clearly one of a kind, he had troubles handing the crown.

Anyway Messi kept progressing, earning accolades, piling up trophies. Until he did that.”  Xavi Sala

Every seasoned broadcaster from all over the world compared La Pulga’s goal with Maradona’s on the spot. He had already won many things with Barça – and the youth Wold Cup with Argentina-. Now, at this tender age (19), not only he was breaking every record, he was even replicating Maradona’s most famous goals.

And what he had to say about it?

He said it was not that big deal of a goal. Adding that his 1986 goal was nicer and more important. But somehow even Maradona had finally come to terms to accept that the number 10 shirt didn’t belong to him anymore.

From that moment on their relationship improved, up until the 2010 World Cup, arguably their best years of friendship if we can ever call it that with the duo.3

The romance ended badly though. Argentina was trashed without merci 4–0 by Germany in the quarterfinals. Maradona was sacked and he thought Messi was responsible for his sacking, or at least had given his blessing to this decision.

It’s never easy with Maradona, you know.

Anyhow, the Argentinian myth resumed criticising Messi whenever he could, with his half hearted praises that turned outright criticism after the 2014 World Cup. Despite Messi earning the MVP of the tournament and carrying the team all the way to the final, he said he didn’t deserve it. Then publicly criticised Messi for retracting his desition to retire from the national team, and was even caught on camera telling – to no less than his archrival Pelé – that Messi didn’t have what it took to lead the Argentinian squad.

Officially Messi has continued praising Maradona but he’s had enough, to the point of not inviting him to his weeding last year. Messi’s inner circle has shielded him from his influence and now there seems to be a cold respect that won’t likely change until Messi retires.

As of today, Maradona keeps casting a long shadow to everything La Albiceleste. Instead of being a father figure he’s more of a vigilante, calling anyone who dares confronting him out. He’s merited being a legend for his massive achievements as a player, but his personality has betrayed him, and rather than imposing respect he imposes fear to the players, and Messi is no exception.

Maradona legacy after his retirement is mixed at best, inspiring generation after generation of Argentinian kids but failing to take a step aside when most needed.

Maradona can’t help but make his presence felt anywhere he goes. Here he is, watching Argenina in Russia. Wasn’t smoking banned on the stadiums?? not for El Pelusa it seems. Genio y figura!




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