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US leads military strike on Syria to Make Jihad Great Again

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US President Donald Trump today ordered its allies to launch precision airstrikes on Syria after suspicion that regime was using chemical weapons on its citizens. In a statement, Donald Trump said that a joint operation was underway with Britain and France.

April 14   In fact: USA, UK and France violate international law to punish an alleged violation of international law that has not even been investigated.
Footage of Damascus sky during the US-led attack on Syria.

“Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III” – Donald J. Trump in 2013, criticizing Barack Obama for considering military action against Syria.And now he’s the horrendous leader!

Russian Ambassador to U.S. on Syria strikes: “The worst apprehensions have come true…We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences.” I thought Clinton was the World War III President.


jeremy Corbyn condemns Theresa May’s ‘legally questionable’ air strikes in Syria

theresa may  on the airstrikes in Syria: “While the full assessment of the strike is ongoing, we are confident of it’s success.” 

Support Syria strikes: – United States – United Kingdom – France – Germany – Turkey – Saudi Arabia – Qatar – Canada – Japan – Australia – Israel Oppose Syria strikes: – Syrian regime – Russia – Iran – China

The Syria strikes sparked protests at the White House overnight

Infowars’ Alex Jones cries on air after Trump bombs Syria: “He’s crapping all over us”

Jaish al-Islam’s Mohammad Aloush: one of the rebels in Syria  “A punishment that leaves the criminal in place is a farce”. His reaction is not surprising. The attack was on insignificant targets. The Americans didn’t want to provoke Russia but had to do something symbolic to save face.

This is how Syrian’s in Damascus are reacting to the illegal, immoral, and illegitimate airstrikes by the US, UK and France just a few hours ago.Syria

Meet Kenan Rahmani.”Syria Campaign” is the Whitehelmets PR firm. One of it’s officers is Syrian American Kenan Rahmani, a long time supporter of the Jihadist insurgency in Syria He switched from being a campaigner for Hilary to a Donald Trump fan after Trump first bombed Syria

this is the kinda people us helping them to survive




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