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Idris Elba dating a Somali girl: How Somalis Reacted On social Media

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Idris Elba Our New Brother In Law! Elba Is Dope  Actor might just be off market! The Black British actor who has been very popular on many women’s man crush list recently hit the ongoing 2017 Toronto International Film Festival arm in arm with his new rumored Somali girlfriend the new bae is 29-year-old Somali beauty Sabrina Dhowre. Sabrina is a former beauty queen, model and actress ,

Although We had a brother in law in the Music industry known as ( David Bowe) through Iman,Image result for David Bowie) through Iman,

Now, we have a brother in law in the Movie Industry” Idiris Elba’s Alleged Mystery Woman’s Identity Revealed”

The comments under this are even funnier.



It turns out that the Somalians on Twitter were correct. A couple diehard Idris Elba fans did their due diligence in their urgent quest to find out who the woman was. She’s a former pageant queen named Sabrina Dhowre and she is said to be Somalian..l.

while i was  reading Hodan naaleey’s  facebook thread about the  Somali girl who is pictured with Idris Elba am disgusted,

Hodan Naaleye  just   judged Sabrina Dhowre  she also facilitated the worst kind of misogynistic hatred against a person she  doesn’t  even know!

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Here how others reacted,

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